when you wake up early in the morning and sit on the edge of your bed like


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sneaking into the kitchen at 3am like


i hope we have some got damn juicy juice boy shit i am thirsty as a mother fucker

this post needs to chill

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do u ever see a girl and are like “this is more than my gay little heart can handle”

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i want fish villagers but they live in a bowl and just roll around in your town in a bowl on a little scooter thing image

you think i’m kidding?

i’m not

imagine getting a sea bass villager

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no thank you, colton. i do not want this.
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HAPPY BDAY / 生日快樂 to my best girl annabel 7ae!!! to my sis since ‘07, i hope our sisterhood + friendship only grow more fresh n beautiful in the coming years! :-) i wish i could treat you to dim sum and run hk with you, but even though we are on opp sides of the globe rn, we will unite one day i know it!! i hope you have a rly great day and fruitful year. sisters 4 life iluvm

happy birthday!!! uvu
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